about Alex

Alexandrea Merrell

As director of Orndee Omnimedia, a NYC PR & crisis management firm she founded in 2009, Alexandrea Merrell has developed a reputation as a straight talking, no nonsense strategist, helping both novice and established businesses, personalities, and brands develop, revitalize, and expand their market share. With over two decades of experience helping amazing people and firms gain the recognition that they deserve, she is a frequent guest author and speaker, providing advice on tricky business situations, branding and marketing, human resources issues and crisis management. 


“I am passionate about helping people develop their own businesses, create their own unique brands, determine their own definition of success, and live more fulfilling, personal and professional lives.” - Alexandrea Merrell


Part of her passion comes from helping individuals, professionals, and businesses deal with hate.  As one of over 7.5 million adults victimized by stalking and bullying, she understands first-hand how debilitating the crime can be on your self-esteem, your family, and on your professional reputation. Professionals and small business owners who become the object of a stalker or bullying campaign can find themselves at a loss as to how to combat the attacks. The results can be emotionally and economically devastating.  With most of the focus placed on helping children and teens deal with bullying and harassment (something certainly needed) and with laws that often lag behind technology, adult victims are often left with limited recourse. 

She set out to change that and now provides guidance through speaking events, workshops, and consultations for all sorts of companies, institutions, professionals, and individuals dealing with physical and online hate campaigns. 


“Stalkers and bullies gain power by affecting and effecting your life. They rob you of your self-esteem, steal your joy, and try to damage the way in which the world sees you. I love to help people take all of that back. I am empowered by teaching people the 4C's of Personal Crisis Management; how to compartmentalize the attacks to limit damage, how to cope with the emotional and physical effects, how to combat the aggressor(s), and how to regain control over their lives, their brands, and their reputations.”  Alexandrea Merrell


In addition to being a frequent speaker on business and bullying, Alex is an author, documentarian, and a collector of oddities. She is a devoted philanthropist and supports a wide variety of cultural, community, and reform initiatives. She holds a Master’s Degree in Film & Television Project Development and studied International Law in the UK.  She shares a Manhattan apartment and a big old Victorian on the Hudson River with 3 sons, 2 axolotl (Edger and Edwin) and a Chinese Crested name Delilah.