Kitchen Library: Cookbooks Worth the Clean-Up - The Soprano's Family Cookbook

It's hard to believe, but 19 years ago, the television altering show HBO's "The Sopranos" aired for the first time. For six seasons, America was captivated by the lives of fictional mob boss Tony Soprano and his family. The characters were uniquely relatable, the family dynamics were uncomfortable if not familiar, and the stresses that plague us all were played out in a way that was engaging and endearing. This was no untouchable "Godfather," or highly stylized "Gangs of New York," the Sopranos were accessible, inviting us into their lives each week. 


Of course, no mob show would be complete without amazing Italian food and whether we were invited along to Tony and Carmela's dinner table, Artie Bucco's restaurant Nuovo Vesuvio, or Satriale's Pork Store, the food often played an integral part of the show. 


This brings us to one of two Soprano's Cookbooks published, The Soprano's Family Cookbook.

 Ziti al Forno (baked ziti with mini meatballs) 

Ziti al Forno (baked ziti with mini meatballs) 

 Rigatoni with Broccoli

Rigatoni with Broccoli

I confess to judging celebrity or entertainment themed cookbooks a little more generously then perhaps the professional chef cookbooks, but this cookbook would have held its own.

The dishes are all relatively simple and straight forward with a good mix of "everyday" foods and more special occasion fare. The ziti and rigatoni (pictured above) are both a part of my family's regular rotation and my sons have really taken to cooking, in part because of this book. Add cast pictures and a lot of information about the show and this book is a winner.  

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