Whats a Do Over-er?

Do over-ers are my very favorite people.  What's a "do over-er?" Well I believe in "do overs" or second (or third or fourth or fifth) chances. I believe in changing your goals, pursuing your dreams, and altering a life that doesn't bring you joy. Whether you have been victimized and abused, you have made wrong turns or bad decisions, or you just find yourself dissatisfied with your life, you can create a do over and change your direction. You just have to know how. 

It's so easy to become unrecognizable to yourself, to veer so far off of your path that you feel hopelessly lost, unable to find your way back. Everyone experiences this to some degree at various points in their lives, but for people who have been damaged and hurt, figuring out who you are and where you want your life to take you can be a particularly daunting task. 

A "do over-er" is someone who recognizes that they want to change their stars, reconnect with their dreams, or find completely new ones...and does something about it...they put plans into motion, they execute.

A do over-er is someone who doesn't let whatever experience brought them to their knees, keep them on their knees.

A do over-er is someone who understands that every day is a new chance to do it over, to start again, to add a new step to get over that obstacle. 

Yep, do over-ers are my favorite people because they are optimistic and ambitious, movers and shakers, who will not be kept down.  And that level of determination and personal power and sheer force of will is so motivating. 

If you are a do over-er, these articles, videos, and podcasts are about giving you tools to help you refocus and drowned out the negative noise, re-inspire yourself to pursue old dreams or seek new ones, and rebuild your life in the way that brings your joy. If you are not yet a do over-er, I hope this inspires you to join us!

~ Alex 

Alexandrea Merrell