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Whether you are being targeted by a stalker, bully, or harassment campaign or your business is suffering due to internal, co-worker bullying, or external review revenge, staff bullying, or a poor customer service response, you want step-by-step instruction as to how to effectively deal with the situation. Classes and courses are divided into videos for individual adults dealing with stalking, bullying, and harassment and videos that focus on the unique problems facing professionals and businesses dealing with similar issues. Classes and courses are also hosted on the Stand Up To Stalking website.  

Classes & Courses: Stand Up To Stalking & Bullying

Classes are free, one session, step-by-step instructional videos designed to help you to gain control of a particular issue. I add classes regularly, in response to feedback from email, Facebook, and my radio shows. 

Classes & Courses: 

Courses are multi-session, step-by-step instructional videos that focus on more complex issues and include support and individual assistance. Prices for courses are listed in the descriptions.