Corporate & Business Consultations

From Fortune 100 Corporations to small "Mom & Pop" businesses, companies  dealing with staff bullying, customer service shaming, executive and brand reputation issues, online revenge reviews, employee stalking, blackmail, and harassment often turn to Alex and her team to provide support, training, and actionable solutions.

We discreetly, and with confidentiality where necessary, create an "action team" of experts to identify the issues, create a strategy, train staff, protect executives, mitigate the damage, and create a more bully-proof business and brand moving forward. 

If you are an executive, human resources manager, or business owner dealing with physical or online stalking, bullying, harassment we can help. Complete the form below and we will discreetly contact you. 

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Consultation for corporations may include:

  • Complete crisis management
  • Communications review
  • Evaluation of on-going threats
  • Creation of immediate safety plans
  • Human resources protocol review
  • Response and protocol training for work place bullying
  • Privacy and data base review and guidance
  • Website review, communication, and incident removal
  • Social media review, communication, and incident removal
  • Customer service training for online interactions
  • Negative review protocol and training
  • Damage mitigation review
  • Legal and authority review and guidance
  • Professional licensure, union, and organization communications
  • Media relations and responses
  • Matt releases and mea culpa/felix culpa
  • Strategic reputation planning
  • Website guidance and agency
  • Social media guidance and agency
  • Exexuctive protection and training
  • On-going risk management
  • Protection plan for future attacks
  • Reputation control, seeding, and management