Personal Consultations

Individuals and professionals struggling with complex stalking, bullying, and harassment issues often turn to Alex and her team to provide practical guidance and create actionable solutions.

Depending on a client’s specific situation, we create an “action team” of experts designed to deal with every aspect of the victimization. Our goal is to insure a client’s safety, end the attacks, mitigate the damage, and create a safer and more attack-proof future.

If you are an individual or professional dealing with physical or online stalking, bullying, harassment we can help. Complete the form below and we will discreetly contact you. 

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Consultation for Individuals and Professionals may include:

  • Evaluation of on-going threats
  • Creation of immediate safety plans
  • Strategic communication
  • Employer and human resources liaison
  • Privacy and data base review and update
  • Website review, communication, and incident removal
  • Social media review, communication, and incident removal
  • Damage mitigation review
  • Legal and authority review and guidance
  • Professional licensure, union, and organization communications
  • Documentation plan for police reports, restraining orders, and court action
  • Media relations and responses
  • Fresh start plans
  • Strategic reputation planning
  • Website guidance and agency
  • Social media guidance and agency
  • Emotional support and referral
  • On-going risk management
  • Protection plan for future attacks
  • Reputation control and management