As a professional or business owner, one of the most important assets that you have, is your reputation. 

Unfortunately, the internet has made maintaining that reputation all the more difficult.  A disgruntled former employee, jealous colleague, rival business owner, bitter ex-romantic partner, or a completely anonymous mentally unstable person can damage your reputation, end your career, or destroy your business with ease.

Further complicating the matter, responses that seem logical (posting a response, demanding that the lies or bullying content be retracted, threatening legal action, or even just asking the jerk to stop) can make the situation much, much worse. 

In the videos on this page, I'm going to share with you some tried and true, crisis management techniques designed for personalities, politicians, and corporate brands, that I have adapted for professionals and small businesses. 

You can also learn how to handle negativity online and how to discuss a reputation management attack with your employer, clients, or customers.

Some Loser is Harassing Me On Line & Its Affecting My Reputation and Business...Now What?

Working with Web Hosts and Forums

Working with Search Engines

Working with Review Sites

Identifying What You Can Change & What You Can't

Identifying the Source & Motivation of the Attack(s)

Protected Speech vs Bullying & Harassment

Photos, Photo Manipulation, & Videos

Shaming & Morality Sites

Assessing the Situation

Understanding the Lifespan of the Reputation Assassin

Reputation Assassin: Work or School Colleague

Reputation Attacks vs Bullying: What's the Difference?

Reputation Assassin: Competitor

Different Types of Reputation Assassins

Reputation Assassin: Ex-Spouse or Romantic Partner

Reputation Assassin: Former Friend or Aquaintence

Reputation Assassin: Disgruntled Employee

Reputation Assassin: Unhappy Client

Reputation Assassin: Anonymuos Crazies, & Trolls

Mitigating Damages & Working with Providers

Understanding the Law & Your Rights

Using Offline Resources to Handle Online Problems

Internet Extortion Sites

Avoiding Extortion Sites & Reputation Manipulation Scams

Reputation Manipulation Scams

Identity Theft & Privacy

Moving Forward: Managing Your Reputation Like a Boss

Creating a Good Karma Bank Account

As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so we will also be discussing ways to prevent a reputation attack before it happens and how to regain control once you have been vicitimized.  

You don't have to suffer in silence and shame, learn how to cope, combat, and regain control of your life, and your reputation.