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In 2003, Alexandrea Merrell became the victim of a horrific, anonymous stalking campaign initiated by a mentally unstable stranger.

Over the years that followed, she tried everything to get the attacks to stop. She hired attorneys, went to the police, contacted victims support groups, filled out removal and bullying forms on social media and websites, but despite spending tens of thousands of dollars and appealing to every official that she could find, the attacks didn't stop. In fact, often following their advice made things worse. Officials, though sympathetic, didn't know how to help her and the laws simply weren't there to deal effectively with these types of crimes. But she discovered that she was far from alone.


"It seemed as though every day, I met someone new, similarly victimized. People lost their jobs and their businesses. Their homes and families disintegrated under the weight of attacks. People, unable to see an end to the bullying and harassment, took their own lives. Yet no one seemed able to help.  I just couldn't suffer in silence. I had to figure out how to fix it."  - Alexandrea Merrell


Alexandrea Merrell, founder of OrndeePR, is an expert in crisis management and has built a reputation as a fixer for individuals, professionals, celebrities, personalities, and companies dealing with stalking, bullying, harassment, and hate campaigns. She is passionate about teaching people the 4C's of Personal Crisis Management; how to COMPARTMENTALIZE the attacks, COPE with your emotions, COMBAT the aggressor, and regain CONTROL over your life and brand.  Her motto, "let's fix this" is a testament to the can-do attitude that has resulted in countless victims rebuilding their lives and businesses.

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Stand Up To Stalking, Bullying & Harassment

stand up to stalking

Like 7.5 million Americans,  Alexandrea Merrell is the victim of a stalker. For over 13 years, she and her family, pursued by a mentally unstable stranger, have had to deal with the devastating effects of this epidemic crime, effecting every aspect of her personal and professional life. 

Unfortunately, combating stalking, bullying, and harassment, especially online, is hampered by a lack of effectual legal protections. This leaves millions of adults, particularly professionals and business owners, vulnerable to attacks, with limited recourse.

In Stand Up To Stalking, Alexandrea Merrell reveals the steps and strategies that she has used both as a victim and as a crisis management expert who has helped countless others deal with the effects of stalking, bullying, and harassment.  

You don't have to suffer in silence, put up with hate, or deal with online harassment. Times are changing. You CAN work with social media providers to remove content. You CAN get nude or private photos removed from websites. You CAN work with employers, unions, authorities, and courts to protect yourself. Learn the 4C's of Personal Crisis Management; how to compartmentalize attacks so that they don't destroy your life or business, cope with the emotional damage, combat the aggressor(s), and regain control of your life, and your reputation.

Created as a companion to Ms Merrell's popular workshops for professionals and business owners, Stand Up To Stalking, Bullying, & Harassment is available in book stores, online, and in audio format May 30th.

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