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There are lots of reasons  to book a speaker specializing in stalking and bullying issues for adults.

  • 7.5 million adults deal with stalking, bullying, and harassment in their work and personal lives.
  • Stalking and bullying impacts the health and well being of victims, leading to depression, lower productivity, increased medical costs, even suicide.
  • Most people don't know how to deal with adult stalking and bullying issues, particularly online attacks and inadvertently make the situation much worse.
  • Professionals and executives are easy targets for blackmail, on-line harassment, and career destroying reputation attacks. 
  • Businesses can be significantly impacted by failing to provide adequate protection in co-worker bullying cases and the legal claims arising from hostile work environments.
  • Businesses, from "Mom and Pop" shops to Fortune 100 firms can be financially devastated if they incorrectly respond to customer service complaints, legitimate poor reviews, revenge reviews, and coordinated brand attacks. 

But these are the 5 most compelling reasons to book Alexandrea Merrell to speak on these issues.

#5 She Has experience & Expertise


Experience is defined as an encounter. Creating a system that successfully handles a particular experience results in expertise. Unique among professionals that speak about stalking, bullying, and harassment, Alexandrea Merrell has both. Her personal experience as the victim of a 14-year long hate campaign, orchestrated by unbalance stranger and her successful career in crisis management, has provided her with an extremely unique narrative. Her practical, no-nonsense approach to dealing with the crime provides other victims with hope and an actionable blue-print to end the attacks and regain control over their lives and businesses.

#4 She is Engaging & Interactive


Alex has the unique ability to make everyone, even in large audiences, feel that she is talking directly to them. She likes to be in the audience, connecting one-on-one, walking people through inspiring exercises, and helping victims break through. She is not a lecturer and she doesn't deliver the same speech again and again. She tailors each talk to the event and because she spends a lot of time in the audience, the content focuses on issues facing participants. In addition, with a MA in television and film production, her team creates visuals that entertain, educate, and engage the audience.  

#3 She is Funny & Compassionate


Victims of stalking, bullying, and harassment campaigns are often emotionally fragile, confused, and fearful. They often find well-meaning, sometimes contradictory advice as to how to handle attacks and unfortunately, the wrong move can make attacks much worse.  Feelings of depression, isolation, and a loss of self esteem are extremely common. Alex tackles these tough topics with self deprecating humor and a compassion born from a deeply personal understanding of the problems facing victims. She is funny, entertaining, and uplifting.

#2 She is Inspiring & "Behind-Kicking" Motivational


A born story-teller, she delivers inspiring content that mixes her own experiences as both a victim and as a crisis management specialist for personalities, politicians, and businesses dealing with the same issues. She talks candidly about the devastating impact that becoming the victim of a stalker had on her life and on her family, the mistakes that she has made in dealing with the situation, and what ultimately led her to devote herself to empowering victims to challenge and overcome this epidemic.  She teaches people what she calls the "4C's of Crisis Management," her proven, step-by-step techniques that anyone can use to regain control over their lives, businesses, and brands. Participants leave the event feeling motivated to take control and empowered by the tools she teaches.

#1 She is Solution Focused & Results Driven


Alexandrea Merrell's over arching goal is to provide individuals, professionals, and businesses with the tools and techniques necessary to end attacks and regain control. Her motto, "Let's Fix This" is a testament to her "can do" attitude. She doesn't talk theory. She doesn't speak in vague generalizations, over simplifications, or platitudes. Instead she works with you to determine a goal, tailors her presentation to meet your unique needs, and leaves participants with actionable solutions and newly found confidence and positivity to overcome even the most challenging situations.    

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