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Stand Up To Stalking, Bullying, & Hate Campaigns 

Bully Proofing Your Business

Using the "4C's" of Personal Crisis Management to compartmentalize, cope, combat, and regain control of your personal and professional life and brand.

Create a more bully-proof workplace to protect your staff, your brand, and your bottom line.

Adults victimized by stalkers, bullies, or hate/harassment campaigns often feel isolated, confused, and at a complete loss as to how to make the attacks stop. The anxiety that comes from feelings of shame, fear of escalation, and fear of exposure can be debilitating, resulting in depression, loss of self esteem, and damage to your family, your personal life, and your career.

Faced with seemingly disinterested social media and web providers, ineffectual police and government assistance, and a real confusion as to where to go for help, many people suffer for months, even years, in silence. But it doesn't have to be that way. In fact, if you understand the procedures and terminology, authorities both on and off line can be very helpful in stopping attacks. Today, victims have more power then ever in halting stalking and bullying behavior, people just have to know the right steps to execute

By understanding and using the "4C's of Personal Crisis Management" victims can learn to use proven techniques utilized by big businesses and famous personalities, to marginalize and neutralize stalkers and bullies, protect themselves from future attacks, and regain control over their lives. 

Presentation Objectives:

  • Understand the epidemic and why bullying is such an isolating and fear inducing crime
  • Identify the common tactics used by bullies and stalkers and how to neutralize each
  • Learn how to block and compartmentalize attacks to limit their reach
  • Adopt appropriate coping mechanisms to gain the emotional upper hand
  • Understand how to format, phrase, and initiate requests for assistance from online and policing authorities
  • Master the "shut down" techniques used by celebrities and businesses when faced with reputation attacks
  • Create and control your narrative removing stalker and bully power
  • Learn to more effectively use social media, even if you have a stalker or bully
  • Protect yourself from "stalker-tunists" who seek to use your victimization to further their aims
  • Learn how to create a "Do Over" to help you move past the crime, regain your self-esteem, and control your life. 

Participants leave the presentation confident that they are armed with the tools necessary to stop the attacks, inspired by the stories of others who have overcome similar situations, and motivated to create a "Do Over" that enables them to stand up, create their best lives, and pursue their passions without fear.  

Whether your business is being disrupted by internal (co-worker) bullying or your brand is under threat by an external harassment campaign, bullying behavior can create a hostile work environment, expose managers and owners to legal action, and ultimately destroy a business' reputation and financial health.

Businesses that turn a blind eye to co-worker bullying or worse, allow management to create a toxic environment, can be held legally and financially responsible. Creating or allowing a hostile environment to exist not only results in lower productivity, it can cast a business in an unfavorable light and damage a brand.

While companies try to navigate internal bullying and harassment issues, external forces are at work as well.  With the majority of customer interaction taking place online, in forums, or on chat platforms, classic rules of customer service can turn a well-intended interaction into fuel for a viral campaign. Businesses with no customer service protocol or antiquated protocol are setting themselves up for a serious public relations nightmare, with a simple slip or inarticulate phrasing creating product or company boycotts, bad press, or even forced closure.

However, there are steps that any business can take to protect their employees, create more positive interactions with customers, and "bully proof" their business.

Presentation Objectives:

  • Identify common internal bullying situations
  • Understand employer legal responsibilities in co-worker bullying cases
  • Create HR protocol to address co-worker bullying and create "supported reporting"
  • Identify common external bullying situation, including executive targeting and revenge reviews
  • Develop a "hate campaign" game plan
  • Create customer service protocol to minimize external bullying
  • Create a "good karma bank"
  • Plan and execute a brand or business "Do Over" after internal or external bullying campaign.

Participants leave confident that they have the skills to create and contribute to a positive work environment, inspired by clear and actionable customer service protocols, and motivated to achieve for an employer that is committed to protecting them from internal and external attacks.

Stand Up For Women

Reputation Management for Professionals

Create an arsenal of skills, techniques, and tools to maintain or regain control over your life. 

Techniques to protect, control, and rebuild your reputation, even in a hostile environment.

While all adults are potential targets for stalkers and bullies, women often face unique challenges when they become the focus of a hate campaign. Many of the methods used to control a female victim focus on shame. Negative critiques of beauty, weight, personal relationships, motherhood, morals, and sexuality are common themes, with the threat to expose (real or manufactured) sexually explicit photos, videos, or correspondence topping the list of intimidation tactics. 

Unfortunately, gender, socioeconomic, and cultural bias, as well as a potentially hostile work environments often make it difficult for women to seek assistance.  However, there are techniques and tools that women can use to minimize the threat or effects of a shame campaign and take control of their reputation, as well as their personal, and professional brand. 

Presentation Objectives:

  • Understand the most common attacks on women and how to deal with each
  • Learn how to "shame proof" your brand, without suppressing your voice 
  • Create and control your narrative so someone else doesn't do it for you
  • Work social media effectively
  • Utilize the "4C's of Personal Crisis Management" 
  • Create a "good karma bank"
  • Identify the warning signs of a stalker/bully before they attack
  • Deal with work place or career bullying
  • Neutralize past or on-going attacks and create a bully proof "Do Over"

Participants leave confident that they can master even long term stalking and bullying attacks, inspired to stand up and retake control over their lives, and motivated to move past fear and create more passionate and fulfilling lives without fear of shame.   

Anyone can become to target of a hate campaign, but professionals, especially sole practitioners or executives that act as the face or mouthpiece of a brand, are especially susceptible to attack.

Whether your reputation is under threat from a former love interest, jealous co-worker, disgruntled ex-employee, rival business, or a complete stranger with an axe to grind, creating a reputation management plan and understanding when and how to execute it is essential for success. 

But reputation disasters aren't confined to external attacks. Many careers have been destroyed by unintentional, but self-inflicted wounds when inappropriate, offensive, or poorly timed social media posts and long buried embarrassing or activities are revealed. 

Presentation Objectives:

  • Understand how to utilize the "4C's of Personal Crisis Management"
  • Identify weak spots in your armor
  • Control and promote your "back story"
  • Master the skeletons in your closet
  • Create a "good karma bank"
  • Work social media effectively
  • Create a crisis response plan
  • Neutralize past attacks
  • Create a "Do Over" if your reputation has already been damaged

Participants leave confident that they have the tools to repair and move past reputation attacks, inspired to create a more positive and "bully proof" brand, and motivated to promote themselves smarter, even in a hostile environment.

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