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Handling Intimate Reveals - Virtual Workshop - SOLD OUT

This 1/2 day workshop is designed for people dealing with harassment and bullying involving the release of real or manufactured nude photos, and/or sexually explicit video, correspondence or other intimate reveals.

Using real or manufactured sexual content to harass, bully, or intimidate another is a shockingly common occurrence. Whether the content comes from a romantic ex partner, a former friend, or a complete stranger, victims want to make the posts stop, get content removed from the internet, and prevent future attacks. 

Whether you are being targeted on social media sites, 3rd party revenge or porn sites, or the content is being distributed via email, sexual content can be removed, blocked, and the perpetrator traced and prosecuted.  

This workshop focuses on documenting online sexual harassment, identifying removable content, initiating removal requests, working with social media anti-bullying teams, shoring up private information, neutralizing an online bully, when and how to alert authorities, and regaining control of your personal and professional online identity. 

1-5pm EST