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Reputation Management for Professionals - Virtual Workshop

This 1/2 day workshop is designed specifically for professionals who are dealing with stalking, bullying, and/or harassment campaigns. 

Professionals are particularly susceptible to bullying, harassment, and stalking because they are their brand and must promote themselves personally and publicly. Doctors, lawyers, real estate brokers, and other professionals who become the name and face of their brand can easily become the target of an unbalanced, resentful, or bored person who can weld a great deal of control and inflict significant damage to a professional's reputation and financial health.   

Revenge reviews, social media shame campaigns using real or manufactured personal details and photos, as well as blackmail and physical violence are becoming increasingly common.

This workshop focuses on evaluating reputation issues and hate campaigns, documenting online harassment, identifying removable content, initiating removal requests, responding to and neutralizing content that can't be removed, working with social media anti-bullying teams, shoring up private information, creating a reputation game plan to provide ongoing protection, and regaining control and managing your professional brand. 

8am-12pm EST