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Customer Service Techniques That Bully-Proof Your Business - Virtual Workshop

This 1/2 day workshop focuses on creating "bully-proof" customer service protocols to minimize revenge reviews and avoid customer service response errors, as well as how to deal with online negativity that is already out there. 

Customer services used to have one rule, if a customer comes to your store to complain about a past purchase or service, you fixed the problem, apologized, and tried to insure that their bad experience was replaced with a positive one. After all, as the old adage says, "the customer is always right." 

Today customers are far more likely to take to the internet to address their displeasure then contacting a company directly.  The result is that your customer service techniques and responses are not only public, they are easily shared, and a customer service misstep can have devastating consequences to your business. 

But customers aren't the only ones attacking a business. Competition, disgruntled former employees, activists, even just random bored people can target your business with revenge reviews, shame campaigns, and calls to boycott. 

This workshop focuses on updating your customer service protocol to deal more effectively with online complaints. Lessons include creating a more "goof-proof" response system, handling unreasonable or faux complaints, handling reputation issues and hate campaigns, documenting online harassment, identifying removable content, initiating removal requests, responding to and neutralizing content that can't be removed, working with social media anti-bullying teams, shoring up private information, creating a reputation game plan to provide ongoing protection, and regaining control and managing your professional brand. 

1-5pm EST