Workshops are a great way for people victimized by stalking, bullying, harassment, and hate crimes to learn the skills needed to compartmentalize the attacks, cope with the emotional effects, combat the aggressors, and regain control of their reputations, lives and brands, in a supportive setting.  

Alex meets with small groups of people struggling with similar issues and tackles their specific situations with understanding, step-by-step instruction, and actionable advice. Workshops are held in NYC or are available virtually, providing access for people globally from the comfort of their home or office. 

Half-day and full-day workshops are available on the following subjects: 

  • Social media workshops for people dealing with online harassment, bullying, and stalking
  • Bullying workshops for people dealing with workplace bullying
  • Intimate reveal workshops for people dealing with online sexually explicit and/or nude photos & videos
  • Bullying and harassment workshops for women
  • Bullying and harassment workshops for men 
  • Customer service protocol, revenge reviews, and reputation management for businesses
  • Human resource protocol for business dealing with staff bullying 
  • Reputation management for professionals dealing with stalking, bullying, and harassment
  • Privacy and protection for victims of stalking, bullying, and harassment by an ex
  • Creating a bully proof personal or business brand

Tap on the Upcoming NYC Workshops or Virtual Workshops links below for a calendar of available workshops.

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Customized workshops are also available for companies, educational institutions, and organizations that want to provide a workshop for employees or members. 





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