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Bully-Proofing Your Small Business - Virtual Workshop - SOLD OUT

This 1/2 day workshop is for small business that are either currently dealing with reputation issues, revenge reviews, or customer service missteps or want to prevent online bullying or reputation attacks before they happen.  

Today, the majority of customer interaction takes place online, in forums, on chat platforms, and through email communication.  But following the classic rules of customer service can turn a well-intended interaction into fuel for a viral campaign. Small businesses are particularly susceptible to damage if they don't understand the new rules of customer service and social media. 

This workshop focuses on identifying common customer service pitfalls, creating a response protocol in order to avoid these pitfalls, repairing damaged reputations from past missteps. In addition to reviewing current and past customer service issues and creating "do overs" to deal with these issues, participants will learn how to revive their business brand to make their business more "bully-proof" in the future.

1-5pm EST