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Creating a Bully-Free Work Place - Virtual Workshop- SOLD OUT

Designed for business owners, managers, and HR professionals who want to create a bully-free workplace, this 1/2 day class focuses on "supported reporting," safe workplace laws, and creating a corporate culture that repels bullying.

Statistics suggest that as many as 1 in 5 employees have been the victim of work place bullying or harassment, either from a co-worker or supervisor. For most, the bullying leads to depression, job dissatisfaction, increased sick days, and mental and emotional fatigue.

Bullying also effects a business's bottom line. Lowered productivity, loss of staff retention, and the potential to sue an employer for failure to provide a safe work environment impact a firm's reputation and financial stability.

This workshop focuses on steps business of all sizes can take to create a bully-free work place, protect employees, and safe guard the business itself from becoming victimized by co-worker bullying.  Lessons will include understanding an employer's legal responsibilities, creating "supported reporting" protocol, identifying common bullying scenarios, neutralizing co-worker bullying, and creating human resources guidelines to protect both the employees and the business. 

1-5pm EST